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Our second full-length album
Digipack CD / 12" LP, 10 tracks

  1. Testimony
  2. Sponsorship for life
  3. Waves
  4. Friendly fire
  5. I hate myself when I shave myself
  6. The dog ate it!
  7. Benefit of the doubt
  8. On its own
  9. Waste = food
  10. I hope you got my letter

Released by Fond of Life Records, Infected Records, No Reason Records, Rise or Rust Records, Shield Recordings and Youth Way Records in Europe on March 3, 2008. USA release through Jump Start Records October 2008.

Special offer: Testimony 10 year anniversary bundle

To celebrate the 10 year anniversary of Testimony, we are offering a bundle of Testimony + a shirt of your choice for € 22. Check out available shirts + sizes here, fitted shirts / girlies here. Please add the shirt + size (+ color) in your remarks during checkout.

CD: € 12,-
LP: € 15,-
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CD + Shirt: € 22,- *

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