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27 April 2015 ~ Comments Off

Y’all know we’re on @Spotify right?

Y’all know we’re on Spotify right? “Follow” us there to stay in touch!

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04 December 2014 ~ Comments Off

Classic Themes Never Get Old

Because, even though the fights against these wrongs are long-running, they are worth fighting. These fights will eventually lead to a better world and a better life for those inhabiting it.

Because police brutality never gets old to those facing it in Ferguson and NYC.
Because sexism never gets old when people like Julien Blanc teach us how to treat women.
Because racism never gets old when offensive traditions are kept alive, solely for the sake of tradition.
Because animal rights never get old when millions of animals are being threatened with bird flu infection or pre-emptive killing.
Because, unfortunately, classic themes never get old …

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12 November 2014 ~ Comments Off

Silencing Civilization on Youtube

Since more and more people listen to music through Youtube we decided to upload all our music over there. The other albums were already available and with the addition of “Silencing Civilization” our album discography is complete. Enjoy, and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel to see new videos first!

Silencing Civilization is our debut album, our first professional recording, with the legendary Menno Bakker at the Bunt studio. Mastering was done by Alan Douches from West West Side Studios. It was initially released as a CD-digipack in 2005 by Angry Youth Records, features guest vocals by our friend Wick from Bambix and got us attention in our own country and offered us our first shows abroad. This is the album people probably refer to when saying: “I really only loved their first shit”.

When this first run sold out the friendly people at Shield Recordings did a re-release in 2008. This re-mastered version by Nico van Montfort is released as a jewelcase CD-version and VINYL! Both formats are still available at our web store. This re-mastered version is now uploaded to Youtube.

*Fun fact* We’re currently working on an album scheduled to record and release in 2015. Ten years after working on the album, we’re now working on a new song tentatively titled “Silencing Civilization”.

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05 June 2014 ~ Comments Off

Punk goes Beatz: remix for Work Horses vs Show Ponies

Beware; this is not for the close-minded!

We were asked by DJ Native if he could make a remix for our song “Work Horses vs Show Ponies” from our latest album “Perspectives & Objectives”. Being real adventurers and always interested in experiments we obviously agreed and sent him the tracks needed. What came out can not be labeled, but one thing is certain: we’re happy to hear a totally different yet amazing version of our song and we’ll never be able to re-enact this live. So enjoy the mix and the video!

If you’re interested in making your own remix of one of our songs and you need tracks (or anything else) from us, get in touch!

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05 June 2013 ~ Comments Off

Release update “Perspectives & Objectives” – August 23rd

On August 23rd we will release our new album “Perspectives & Objectives”. After announcing all those amazing summer shows prior to the release, we thought it is about time to inform you a bit more about this album.

Like we did with our previous album we will stream all songs before the official release date. One by one, week per week: the first song will be up on June 21st. That date we also start taking pre-orders for albums (CDs and LPs). Pre-orders will be limited packages, including nice goodies and you will receive a stream of the new album immediately after placing your pre-order. Definitely the way to get your hands on the new stuff first.

The artwork more or less speaks for itself. It is once again done by David Finke from FairTradeMerch, the picture is taken by Christian Pankratz.

Perspectives & Objectives album artwork

The album will feature 10 songs:

1. Soundtrack
2. Welcome to Le Jungle
3. With Gaga on Our Side
4. Work Horses vs Show Ponies
5. Pink Print
6. To All Members of Parliament
7. Future History
8. Bullies
9. Mother Inferior
10. Books

Of course we are not alone in this. So far the following labels have confirmed cooperating on this release:

Suburban Records (Benelux)
Destiny Records (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)
No Reason Records (Italy)
Angry Chuck Records (Russia)
Undermusic Records (South America)
Destroy It Yourself (Portugal)
Lockjaw Records (United Kingdom)
5FeetUnder Records (Scandinavia)
Effervescence Records (France)

To celebrate our new baby we will throw a nice release festival in our hometown Nijmegen on August 23rd. It’s going to be a cool festival at Doornroosje with Just Like Your Mom providing vegan food, Typewriter Distro providing mental weapons (books that is) and Shield Recordings providing physical music. Nijmegen is only 5 km away from the German border, so there’s no reason not to cross it! Oh, and there are also bands playing:
- Lawine (Yvo is our old bass player, this is his new band)
- Dead Giveaway (Koen filled in on bass for us in 2011. This is his new band with Riekus on drums)
- 3 more TBA (including more former bass players)

But, before all that will happen we have one of our most anticipated tours coming up in July, together with Propagandhi. And some more crazy shows getting ourselves and everybody else ready for the release:

JUN 22 ITA Palermo The Island’s Revenge Festival (Rocket Bar). w/ Whales’ Island, Lineout, Malemute Kid

JUL 04 NOR Arendal Grand. w/ Propagandhi
JUL 05 NOR Trondheim Verkstedhallen. w/ Propagandhi, Rifu
JUL 06 SWE Gothenburg Sticky Fingers. w/ Propagandhi
JUL 08 GER Bochum Matrix. w/ Propagandhi
JUL 09 FRA Paris Petit Bain. w/ Propagandhi, Homer
JUL 10 FRA Toulouse Dynamo. w/ Propagandhi, Bias
JUL 11 FRA Marseille Molotov. w/ Propagandhi
JUL 13 SLO Tolmin Punk Rock Holiday. w/ Propagandhi, Millencolin, Strike Anywhere, Anti-Flag, Astpai, Atlas Losing Grip, H2O, Implants, Madball, Mute, Snuff, Suicidal Tendencies, Swinging Utters, The Menzingers, Waiting for Better Days, many more
JUL 14 GER München Antifest (Backstage Werk). w/ Anti-Flag, Strike Anywhere, ZSK, Radio Havana, The Computers, Apologies I Have None, Radio Havanna

JUL 17 NL Amsterdam Winston. w/ Strike Anywhere, The Minority
AUG 11 NL Tilburg 013. w/ NOFX
AUG 23 NL Nijmegen Doornroosje Release show “Perspectives & Objectives”. w/ Lawine, Dead Giveaway, 3 more TBA
AUG 24 BEL Duffel Ecofest. w/ Teenage Bottlerocket, Downset, Belgian Asociality, Archetype, This Kid, Toxic Shock, Momma Knows Best, Face the Fax, Harsh Realms, The Reeves, The Sex Toys, Knalselder, more

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