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01 October 2015 ~ 0 Comments


Yes, it’s true, after doing an amazing tour through Canada last summer, we will visit Japan this Winter. It will be our very first time spreading our music in Asia physically! Another one off the bucket list. We will play these 6 shows:

Dec 15 Ikebukuro @ Kings X
Dec 16 Shinjuku @ 新宿御苑merry go round
Dec 17 Shibuya @ shibuya THE GAME
Dec 18 Takadanobaba @ Ongakukan
Dec 19 Kashiwa @ DOMe 柏 [ライブハウス]
Dec 20 Ibaragi @ Evil Garage

If you have friends over there, please invite them to a show or the facebook event.
Presented by Romantic Nobita Records and Milestone Sounds.


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27 August 2015 ~ Comments Off

Back from Canada tour

A couple of days ago we came home from what is the best tour we ever did in North America! We had incredible shows in a country we never toured before, with people singing and dancing along to our songs and getting more merch from us than we brought. This definitely tastes like more and we hope to return to Canada once our new album is finished!

Last thing we want to say about this tour is a big fucking “THANK YOU!” to all that made this tour possible: the people coming to the shows, the promoters booking those, the other bands playing and last but not least to our tour buddies in Clipwing and Fortune Cookie Club. Without them this wouldn’t have been possible at all … Check both of them out, they’re all great people making amazing music!

Find our news feed from the tour here.

For now: Onward!

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21 July 2015 ~ Comments Off

If the good old ‘org says so, it must be true

from Twitter

July 21, 2015 at 10:38PM

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29 May 2015 ~ Comments Off

Recording Sauce

This week we recorded some additional percussion and acoustic guitars, or “sauce” as they call it at Split Second Sound. Coming along incredibly well!
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Pictures or it didn’t happen!

And now, off to Stumpf in Hannover tonight, and Frotheim Open Air tomorrow!

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12 May 2015 ~ Comments Off

Sweatshop T-shirts Are One Of Punk Rock’s Biggest Hypocrisies

Spot on article about why we have fairly made and traded merch as much as possible. fairtrademerch is our partner in this non-crime.

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Sweatshop T-shirts Are One Of Punk Rock’s Biggest Hypocrisies
May 7, 2015 | by John Gentile Okay, this time I have to get on a soapbox. Sorry, but it needs to be done… *Screech, screech, screech… clomp, clomp* [[MORE]]I think it’s fair to say that a pretty big…

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