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Antillectual We're a punkrock trio from Nijmegen, the Netherlands: Willem, Riekus and Toon. We've toured and released albums worldwide since 2005. We like our punkrock political and melodic, combining the best of ’90’s skatepunk, ’00’s emo and ’10’s orgcore.

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31 December 2014 ~ Comments Off

2014 – 2015

2014 was a good year for us, and hopefully for you too! We had the best of times touring with Ten Foot Pole, going to Mallorca for the first time and returning to Spain and Portugal since long; releasing a split 7” with Anti-Flag; doing shows with Bodyjar, Jimmy Eat World, Authority Zero; releasing a music video for Pink Print; playing Festivals like Jera on Air; winning the Peta2 Liberation Award as “Bester peta2 Newcomer”; playing our hometown more than we usually do; our van reaching 600.000 KMs and Riekus getting his driver’s license.

Thanks to everyone who made 2014 awesome!

2015 will be just as good, if not better! We are working on some fun trips for the spring and beyond. And even more important: we are preparing a new album, to be recorded and released in 2015.

Thanks in advance to everyone who will help us make 2015 a blast. See you on the other side!

04 December 2014 ~ Comments Off

Classic Themes Never Get Old

Because, even though the fights against these wrongs are long-running, they are worth fighting. These fights will eventually lead to a better world and a better life for those inhabiting it.

Because police brutality never gets old to those facing it in Ferguson and NYC.
Because sexism never gets old when people like Julien Blanc teach us how to treat women.
Because racism never gets old when offensive traditions are kept alive, solely for the sake of tradition.
Because animal rights never get old when millions of animals are being threatened with bird flu infection or pre-emptive killing.
Because, unfortunately, classic themes never get old …

27 November 2014 ~ Comments Off

Last Minute Hometown Show Alert

In between all the writing and rehearsing of new songs we are playing 3 more shows this year. And the last addition is going to be a nice one: playing with John Coffey and The 101′s in our beloved De Onderbroek in Nijmegen (NL) on December 18! Since we always try to make our hometown shows something special, we will play the first batch of our newly written songs, mixed with the all time favorites. All in all we have this lined up in the next months:

13-12-2014 NL Castricum, De Bakkerij. w/ The 101’s
Facebook event

18-12-2014 NL Nijmegen, De Onderbroek. w/ John Coffey, The 101′s
Facebook event

27-12-2014 DE Blieskastel, P Werk 18 Fest w/ World Eater, Versus You, Baby Lou, Fuck Wolves!, Mantan, Mr Inman
Facebook event

31-01-2015 DE Meppen, JUZ. w/ Empire Me, Edgar R, Grand Griffon, Leif Marcussen

12 November 2014 ~ Comments Off

Silencing Civilization on Youtube

Since more and more people listen to music through Youtube we decided to upload all our music over there. The other albums were already available and with the addition of “Silencing Civilization” our album discography is complete. Enjoy, and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel to see new videos first!

Silencing Civilization is our debut album, our first professional recording, with the legendary Menno Bakker at the Bunt studio. Mastering was done by Alan Douches from West West Side Studios. It was initially released as a CD-digipack in 2005 by Angry Youth Records, features guest vocals by our friend Wick from Bambix and got us attention in our own country and offered us our first shows abroad. This is the album people probably refer to when saying: “I really only loved their first shit”.

When this first run sold out the friendly people at Shield Recordings did a re-release in 2008. This re-mastered version by Nico van Montfort is released as a jewelcase CD-version and VINYL! Both formats are still available at our web store. This re-mastered version is now uploaded to Youtube.

*Fun fact* We’re currently working on an album scheduled to record and release in 2015. Ten years after working on the album, we’re now working on a new song tentatively titled “Silencing Civilization”.

30 October 2014 ~ Comments Off

End of tour, new merch!

After a day of seeing summer turn into winter while driving through all of France we are back home. This tour was intense (6.000 KMs for 11 shows) but we are enormously happy about touring down south/west Europe. We had an amazing time and hope to return as soon as our new album is out. Huge thanks go out to all promoters and especially to Outro Shows and Infected Records DIY for booking and arranging everything. And of course to everyone that came out, sang along, danced or clapped their hands! In case anyone has pictures or videos from a show, post it!

For this tour we made new shirts: “Books over Barcelona”. It’s been a while since we had an ash-grey shirt. There are some left overs available in our web shop (S/M/L/XL).
Also, since winter is roaring its freezing head we’d like to re-emphasize that we have warm zipped hoodies available (S/M/L/XL)! And the last couple of Ten Foot Pole shirts …

All at our store

So, now it is finally time to take it a little easier. Touring-wise that is. Because we still have some fun shows lined up the next months (see below) and we can finally get back to working on our new songs.

More about more later!

08-11-2014 NL Deurne, OJC De Roos. w/ The 101’s, Note To Amy
14-11-2014 BE Namur, The Belvédère. w/ Struggling For Reason, Silly Snails, Radio 911
19-11-2014 DE Münster, Baracke. w/ FA!L, DAMNIAM, Vollkommen Egal
20-11-2014 DE Düsseldorf, Tube. w/ FA!L, The Aberrats
21-11-2014 DE Mönchengladbach, Kultube. w/ FA!L
22-11-2014 DE Iserlohn, JUZ Karnacksweg. w/ FA!L, 1 more
13-12-2014 NL Castricum, De Bakkerij. w/ The 101’s
27-12-2014 DE Blieskastel, P-Werk Blieskastel 18 Fest. w/ Fuck, Wolves, VERSUS YOU, Mantan, BABY LOU
31-01-2015 DE Meppen, JUZ