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Antillectual We're a punkrock trio from Nijmegen, the Netherlands: Willem, Riekus and Toon. We've toured and released albums worldwide since 2005. We like our punkrock political and melodic, combining the best of ’90’s skatepunk, ’00’s emo and ’10’s orgcore.

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05 May 2015 ~ Comments Off

Oui, c’est vrai! Ca sera de la balle! https://t.co/OySMbBMnh8

Oui, c’est vrai! Ca sera de la balle!




04 May 2015 ~ Comments Off

Go team mom!

Go team mom!



30 April 2015 ~ Comments Off


After all that time and energy spent in the studio it’s time to get out there again! May is the month to do it. We’re doing some cool festivals and club shows in Paris, London, Zürich, Eindhoven, Norwich, Hanover and Frotheim. With amazing bands, see below:

MAY 09 CH Zurich, Obenuse Fest @ Hafenkneipe, Eldorado, Kinski, Kino Roland w/ Title Fight, The Dwarves, ASTPAI, Broadcaster, Irish Handcuffs, Hysterese, Chelsea Deadbeat Combo, Deadversee, HELL & BACK, Spirits, Risk It, Lions, Worst In Me, Uriella

MAY 13 NL Eindhoven, Dynamo w/ SUCH GOLD, Transit

MAY 22 FR Paris, This Is My Fest @ La Peche w/ Guerilla Poubelle, VERSUS YOU, Wank For Peace (Angers – Punk/HxC), Sport, Apologies, i have none, Great Cynics, Hogwash, Muncie Girls, The Gamits, The Bombpops, Slice of Life, Fake Off, Intenable, No Guts No Glory, Water Mane

MAY 23 UK Norwich, The Owl Sanctuary w/ Braindead, Petrol Girls, Holiday

MAY 24 UK London, More of This IV! @ New Cross Inn w/ The Human Project, Sweet Empire, Irish Handcuffs, Demon Smiles, Petrol Girls, Mug, Dynamite Dynamite, Sink Alaska, RxR, The Twin Dracula, Not Penny’s Boat, No Matter, Chairmen Of The Bored, The Dead Anyways

MAY 29 DE Hanover, Stumpf w/ Chester Park, Van Beek

MAY 30 DE Frotheim, Open Air w/ Astairre, Wind Und Farben, Neufundland, Freiburg, Leitkegel, Edgar R., Empire Me, Gorch, Rock, The Cracklins


29 April 2015 ~ Comments Off


The Hardcore Help Foundation is releasing a benefit double LP! This amazing line-up features (behold!): Lagwagon, Kreator Official, Anti Flag, Dog Eat Dog, Bane, FUNERAL FOR A FRIEND, No Turning Back, Idle Class, Born From Pain, Rivershores, My Turn, Trial, First Blood – OFFICIAL PAGE, GWLT, THE GREAT COLLAPSE, Questions, ANCHOR, Kmpfsprt, Client, Olde York, Cutthroat & Sen Dog, Convict, Frustration, Lions, City to City, Thinner, Tiger Crew, I Am Revenge, … and us of course.

Supporting a very noble cause and receiving a gatefold double LP featuring 29 bands and a limited tote bag, stickers, buttons and patch. You gotta love this!?


28 April 2015 ~ Comments Off


You might have heard about us recording a new album? There’s no use in denying it any longer. The release is still far away, but things are coming along greatly! You can keep track of what is happening in the studio through this link. Check the link below for a stream of updates.

What would you be looking for in our new album? #newalbum2015