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Antillectual We're a punkrock trio from Nijmegen, the Netherlands: Willem, Riekus and Toon. We've toured and released albums worldwide since 2005. We like our punkrock political and melodic, combining the best of ’90’s skatepunk, ’00’s emo and ’10’s orgcore.

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15 September 2009 ~ 6 Comments

Squatting continues! (new song)

Hey everyone, what’s up? We have been laying a little low on our updates, basically because we are working our asses off booking the last dates for our tour with After the Fall, writing new songs and all that.

In the meantime, let us share a new song with you. It is one of the songs that will end up on our new record and it is our first song ever with a Dutch title: “Kraken gaat door”. It is derived from the slogan of the Dutch squatting movement and translates to something along the lines of “squatting continues”. While the Dutch government is working on legislation to make squatting illegal, we think it is more important than ever to point out what benefits we all have from the squatting movement. For example, a lot of popular venues in the Netherlands originated from the squatting movement (Melkweg Amsterdam, Doornroosje Nijmegen to name a few). Somehow people tend to forget this and rather speak of squats in a negative tone..

Well, here goes. This video was shot recently at the Skatefest in Olen (BE), by our friend Tom of Smash the Statues. Enjoy!


(you can skip straight to the song at 1:07 if your Dutch is not too good)

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Oh, and if you have any options for shows on October 9 or 10, please hit us up!

Oops: apparently, Tom didn’t film this (he’s in the pit somewhere), so it must have been our friend “rental” Thomas. Thanks Noam and Tom for noticing

02 September 2009 ~ 1 Comment

Fairtrade sampler

As of today, the song “Sponsorship for life” from our latest full-length album Testimony is featured on a CD-sampler made by the guys at Fairtrademerch.com. We’re very pleased to make a contribution to the awareness surrounding the Fair Trade movement, and besides that we’re really pleased to share a spot on this sampler with great bands like Rentokill, Deny Everything, The Real Danger and loads more.

Check it out! You can listen to the sampler online, but make sure you get a hold of a copy to support the good cause. We’ll be carrying the sampler in our distro as soon as we receive our copies in the mail.

And last but not least: if you, your band, sportsclub, whatever are interested in getting fair shirts for a decent price, get in touch with David or Tobi at Fair Trade Merch. We had our last t-shirt design done by them and are more than pleased with the quality, pricing and service. And no, they’re not paying us to say that :)

22 August 2009 ~ Comments Off

Several single shows

The tour with Rentokill was amazing, as we hoped for. We have been friends with those guys for quite some years now and it was really fun and interesting to be on the road together for the first time. Hopefully more enterprises like this will follow. Thanks for coming out to the shows and dancing and cheering. In case you did.

Right now we are booking the dates for the tour together with After the Fall. There are still some dates to be filled, feel free to hop in and help out. We’re also working on new songs. I guess you can say we are past halfway. We are aiming for 12 or 13 songs to be recorded before the end of this year. At each show we will play some new songs to play them into shape live.

Our Italian label No Reason Records managed to get us on “Pop Punk Loves You #4″. Together with other fine bands like A Wilhelm Scream, Useless ID, Rufio, This Is A Standoff, Enemy Alliance, All Time Low and others. Not bad, not bad.

For the rest of August and September we have several single shows to play. Some acoustic (people really seem to take us seriously with the acoustic thing …) and some “normal”. And some of those are actually in Nijmegen, one of our hometowns. Please come and check us and our new merch out!

Aug 25 NL Nijmegen De Bijstand
*Acoustic* w/ Oldseed

Aug 29 NL Schoonhoven De Bastille
w/ Face Tomorrow, Bail, Plaats Delict, Dead Man Running, Boy Gol

Aug 30 NL Nijmegen Rock Royale
*Acoustic* w/ Lea, Bandito, Go Back to The Zoo, Mark & the Spies, My Boot Heels, With Ice, Automatic Sam, Baby Jade Brown, Cauldfield

Sep 4 (Afternoon) NL Nijmegen TBA
*Acoustic* Guerrilla gig.

Sep 4 NL Utrecht ACU
w/ Smash the Statues, The Real Danger

Sep 5 Bel Olen Skatefest
w/ Born From Pain, Easyway, No Turning Back, Final Prayer, The Rawönes, Azriel, Tenement Kids, Noyalty, The Headshots, Angelskin, The Crackups, Bite The Bullet, Smakeloos

Sep 17 NL Amsterdam Winston Kingdom
*Acoustic* w/ Kevin Seconds, Mike Scott

Sep 30 Ger Essen Emokeller
w/ Sleazy inc. operated

29 July 2009 ~ Comments Off

Touring with Rentokill

While we have barely recovered from our last trip to Fluff Fest and more, we’ll be hitting the road again this Saturday. We’re finally teaming up with our friends of Rentokill for an 8-day tour of Germany, Belgium and The Netherlands.

Needless to say, we are way stoked to get out there again! On this tour, we’ll be bringing along some fresh new shirts: state-of-the-art Portuguese design by our beloved friend Rita Gomes, printed by the great guys at Fair Trade Merch. The Shirts are 100% Organic Cotton and SA8000 certified for social working conditions. How cool is that!

bike shirt

On this tour, we will be accompanied by Tom (Smash the Statues) and Thomas. Somewhere halfway, our friend Pitter of Rush’n Attack / Omission will be joining as well.

Come and say hi at one of these shows:

Aug 1      Germany Zwiesel      Jugendcafé Festival      w/ Rentokill
Aug 2     Germany Rastatt     Artcanrobert     w/ Rentokill
Aug 3     Belgium Zele     ’T Verdriet     w/ Rentokill
Aug 4     Netherlands Nijmegen     De Onderbroek     w/ Rentokill
Aug 5     Germany Siegen     Vortex     w/ Rentokill
Aug 6     Germany Menden     Das Zentrum     w/ Rentokill
Aug 7     Germany Büschfeld     U&D Büschfeld     w/ Rentokill
Aug 8     Netherlands Den Haag     cafe de Vinger     w/ Rentokill

see you there, or along the way

22 July 2009 ~ Comments Off

Our own International Four Day March

While the city of Nijmegen and its surroundings are being visited by tonnes of international marchers and possibly even more beer drinking festival-goers, we are preparing for a little Four Day March of our own. Starting tomorrow, a weekend tour of a mere 2700 kilometers will be our main concern. We’re really looking forward to the festival shows on Fluff 2009 and Scream Out Fest, aswell as the clubshows in JKC Kamen and Sunny Red Feierwerk. Our friend Erik ‘Gameface’ of Sandcreek Massacre will be accompanying us to Fluff.

This will also be the first tour where we carry the new acoustic 7″ “Pull the Plug” in our merch.

Come say hi at one of these shows:

Jul 23      Germany Kamen      JKC
Jul 24     Czech Republic Rokycany/Plzen     Fluff Fest     w/ a trillion bands!!
Jul 25     Austria Pöllau bei Hartberg     Scream Out Festival     @ Club 81
Jul 26     Germany München     Sunny Red – Feierwerk

..Or somewhere along the way?

For those who can’t make it to the German shows: no worries, we’ll be back in Germany in August, touring with the lovely people of Rentokill