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Antillectual We're a punkrock trio from Nijmegen, the Netherlands: Willem, Riekus and Toon. We've toured and released albums worldwide since 2005. We like our punkrock political and melodic, combining the best of ’90’s skatepunk, ’00’s emo and ’10’s orgcore.

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03 March 2008 ~ Comments Off


Dear all

We're about to leave on tour again, but before we leave we have another update. From today on "Testimony", the new album, is officially available through shops all over Europe, and of course through us. If you're interested email us info@antillectual.com. There's also new shirt/girlies/hoodies/zippers available that we'll bring on tour. Get in touch if you want to order one of those too.

If you're still in doubt, let these reviews help you make the right decision. A lot of Italian reviews, since No Reason Records is doing a great job over there. From Up Magazine we received this amazing review. This month's issue also features an interview with us.

The craftsmanship and melody that form the quality of the Antillectual live shows now finally have been recorded on the album "Testimony". With this album the band is in now way inferior to likeminded bands like Rise Against, Strike Anywhere and Hot Water Music. The political punk with a raw edge is catchy and contagious. It makes you want to mosh and sing along to songs like "Sponsorship for life", "Waste = food" and the title song. But also emo and indie rock fan can relate to this album. The three Dutchmen have a clear message, which they spread intelligibly in the beautiful booklet. Punk has seldom sounded so inspired. By far the best release on Shield Recordings up to date and an album for the year lists! I doubt the new Anti-Flag album will be a match for this album.


Arold Roestenburg

From Portugal we received a review from Misfit zine myspace.com/misfitzine:

This highly anticipated second album from this band, which hails from Holland since 2000, is a piece of good Punk-Rock, with hardcore riffs and catchy chorus, which will knock you down!

With the lyrics focused on both political and personal issues, the themes talk about war/anti-war, trends and commercialism! Musically speaking, the production is very good, the guitar is really cool and melodic, and the drums are powerful!

This is a band that does the walk instead of doing the talk, I can see! And we don't have too much of this today! Be sure to listen to this folks and grab a copy!

My favorite tracks are "Friendly Fire" and "Sponsorship For Life", which shows the two sides of the album. Great!

We received even a review of our old record "Silencing Civilization" on punknews.org. look at it here More reviews will follow soon.

Speaking of our old releases, we're almost sold out of both "Silencing Civilization", the "Waves" 7" and our demo "Facts Opinions & in Between". "Silencing Civilization" will be repressed through Shield Recordings on CD. There are plans to release the album later this year on vinyl/12"/LP as well. In case you're interested to help out releasing/distributing this thing let us know.

Speaking of vinyl; Shield recordings releases "Testimony" on vinyl, and actually has some Waves 7"es left. If you order the LP through Shield Recordings, you get a Waves 7" for free. As long as they're available.

And, since we're embarking on a tour as we speak, it's about time to announce a new one. Together with our good friends from Smash the Statues we will be going to Scandinavia. Thank god it's in April and temperatures will be acceptable by then. If you can help us out with some dates over there, please get in touch: info@antillectual.com.

Our friends from No Reason Records made a "Testimony Wall paper" to cheer up your view when you're at the office, or at home, or … 1024×768 and 1280×1024.

And last but not least, you can still stream the album on the 3voor12 "Luisterpaal".
How are you doing?

01 March 2008 ~ Comments Off

Review Silencing Civilization Punknews.org

Antillectual Silencing Civilization 2005

Angry Youth
Review by: ThomPunkAheaddotcom

This band should be a popular one with Orgcore punkers though probably will be unknown due to their location being the Netherlands. Across Europe they're getting better known with the three of them touring regularly; however, they toured across the eastern USA last summer with across-the-pond friends Static Radio.

Now, if you know the Indecision Alarm, that will help, as these guys are very similar playing gruff-ish, speedy, melodic and aggressive punk rock. The Indecision Alarm aren't that well-known either, so for people still in the dark, this is a cross between Propagandhi, Hot Water Music and finally Rise Against.

Having three DIY EPs prior to this release the band have been able to really mature their sound; Antillectual have acquired their own individual sound and for a three-piece they can make themselves heard. The band fit perfectly into the current European punk rock revival with this Hot Water Music-Propagandhi style leading it this time; Antillectual arguably are in first place currently and still have a lot of energy in them.

One of the biggest problems with the album is comical, to put it best, with the intro of the first track immediately resembling Propagandhi 's "A Speculative Fiction." Rip-off? Not unless they have a time machine because Silencing Civilization was released 8 months before Potemkin City Limits.

It's a real shame that this style doesn't get the attention it deserves with it becoming the common European sound now and is invigorating combining such great melodies with quality punk rock. I promise you that listening to this you will enjoy it in some way, "Because We Can (Afford It)," featuring a first-class solo, to top things off sums the album up best. Passionate music like this where you can listen and feel great, yourself rising in parallel to the brilliance has to be responded to with positive passion.

Well shove your tradition up your ass and i hope you like it
yeah fuck your homophobia it is about time to accept it

Touching on homophobia, border policy, politics and other matters, the band has plenty to say and don't say it lightly. Real passion tied in with speed works wonders in emphasizing your point. The anger Antillectual derive throughout the album isn't missed with each song arguing a message and their beliefs superbly. Quality speed in "Bad Company (No Globalisation Without Representation)" echoes distant sounds of the previous primary Euro-punk sound — skatepunk (which is not dead, just on vacation), and a similar setting for "Originator" combining speed with melody creating the dark, agressive yet optimistic atmosphere.

It's like these guys have experienced everything in punk rock leading the current Euro main brand of punk rock but adding `90s skatepunk as well as a more older, simplistic style of hardcore punk. Antillectual have something every punk enthusiast will enjoy whilst limiting their style to not have too open boundaries.

Over time, however, I find myself slipping with the music slightly falling into itself. Some people will love this style for a long time but I, on the other hand, seem to grow tired of it after some time and lose interest in the final tracks. Combining this with the present outlook, this new wave could become stale real quick if multiplied so much with new bands, which seems to have been the common fault with the past waves of punk rock. The future shall answer that though; I know with Antillectual's new music I have been more interested.

Overall, ten tracks in 28 minutes seems to regularly be a good indication of whether you have a punk rock album in your hands and Antillectual sure don't disappoint as well as providing it. Super melodic combining and aggressive yet supportedly passionate, fair-paced punk rock — the ingredients for a great CD.


27 February 2008 ~ Comments Off

Review Testimony Misfit Zine (Por.)


This highly anticipated second album from this band, which hails from Holland since 2000, is a piece of good Punk-Rock, with hardcore riffs and catchy chorus, which will knock you down!

With the lyrics focused on both political and personal issues, the themes talk about war/anti-war, trends and commercialism! Musically speaking, the production is very good, the guitar is really cool and melodic, and the drums are powerful!

This is a band that does the walk instead of doing the talk, I can see! And we don't have too much of this today! Be sure to listen to this folks and grab a copy!

My favorite tracks are "Friendly Fire" and "Sponsorship For Life", which shows the two sides of the album. Great!


25 February 2008 ~ Comments Off

Interviews, Testimony stream & more

Holland's biggest music site – 3voor12.nl – put our new album in its "Luisterpaal". You can now stream the entire album here. I guess they put it up in mono, that's why the quality isn't 100% (only 95%), but you get a very nice impression. Try before you buy!

More and more reviews are coming our way, mainly from Italy where No Reason Records is doing their best to get "Testimony" out there. But, unfortunately, they are all in Italian. Once we have a translation, we'll put them online. For all Italians, please check them here directly:

Recensione Rock Ambula
Recensione Long Live Rock 'n' Roll

And an interview in Italian as well:
Interview Long Live Rock 'n' Roll

Also, there is a live video of among others Friendly Fire on youtube. If you have more videos of our shows or whatever, we'd be honoured if you put them online and/or send us the file or link where we can find it. Thanks to Trilobart for this video. Our own Youtube account can be found here

And last, this month's Up Magazine features an interview with us, and has an amazing review up for our album too. Please check it out if you're interested. More paper zines!

That's it for now I guess. If you have news for us, let us know!

18 February 2008 ~ Comments Off

Recensioni, LP pre-orders & More

The new album is only out for pre-order and already we're receiving reactions, responses and reviews. Which are actually quite nice, to say the least. Below you can read two reviews from Italian zines.

Lamette Punk Webzine source

January 27, 2008: Antillectual – Testimony cd (No Reason Records, 2008)

The record actually doesn't come out in our country till March, and therefore I'm reviewing this album in advance: Antillectual – the latest addition to No Reason Records' catalog – coming from Nijmegen, the Netherlands, play a mixture of punk-hardcore in the style of the labels' previous releases (Rentokill, Enemy Alliance / Indecision Alarm). Melody and political commitment, in the spirit of Propagandhi, is the basis for this complex and valuable release. Valuable on several levels: the excellent looking digipack and especially the booklet – graphically sublime, including texts and additional notes for every single lyric – are no longer just an extra, but are an essential factor for the complete understanding of the message.

The 10 tracks are strongly structured  (from the musical professionalism it shows Antillectual clearly prefers unusual arrangements) and finalized very well with lyrical content: an anarchist point of view is present during the entire album, while the band gives its opinions on American imperialist policy ("Testimony"), on multinationals and their impact on the culture and the resistance against it ("Sponsorship for life"), on prison policy ("I hope you got my letter"), feminism ("Waves") and the punk circuit itself ("I hate myself when I shave myself"). In other moments, however, the discussion focuses on the personal state of mind and on individual positions. This happens without discussing concrete situations, but rather browsing the philosophical field ("Benefit of the doubt" probably one of the best songs of the album).

Testimony is certainly not a simple album, but in its kind it is undoubtedly an incredibly coherent and meticulously thought out piece of music. All this in the spirit of the highlights of the DIY movement of the eighties. It's highly recommended listening to it on repeat, especially if you want to expand your views and musical ideas. I suggest you to immediately order your copy.

Dedication Music Magazine source

Antillectual – "Testimony" (No Reason Records)

File under: Melodic hardcore/punk
Like: Propagandhi, With Honor, Crime In Stereo, No Trigger, Much The Same.
It seemed like I'm listening to the new album by the great Propagandhi, but it is "only" the debut record from the Lodi based No Reason Records from Dutch band Antillectual. Our old friends ("Silencing Civilization" – review).

"Testimony" will come out next March 3 and win over all lovers of this kind of music with their refined melodic hardcore/punk enriched with political and social lyrics. But, frankly, the lyrics stay a little in the background because of the quality of the music. This is a plus point though.There are several resemblances with the Canadian, and sometimes it appears almost plagiarism (they simply love Propagandhi too much), but in the end Antillectual convinces me totally and doesn't leave any unpleasant feeling behind. It all works out for the best.High technically compositions enriched by diverse rhythms and melodies, this is one of the better punk/hardcore releases in recent months. With sincere regards to the increasingly stubborn and conscious No Reason Records, which seems very determined to focus on this style in Italy
4 out of 5
(Aob – 4/2/08)

If you are curious what this album is all about, you can now pre-order the vinyl/12"/LP version from Shield Recordings. Pre-orders will get colored wax, a release poster and extra Shield Recordings stuff. The first 40 pre-orders will get the Antillectual "Waves" 7" as a bonus (also on colored wax! and sold out, since we don't have any copies left ourselves …). Email Shield Recordings, or check their website for pre-orders.When you're interested in the digipack version of the album go to one of the releasing labels. Note that No Reason Records from Italy offers the record in combination with the Enemy Alliance/The Indecision Alarm-split for 15 euro, shipping included in Europe. Check!


Furthermore, we have some terrible news to announce. A lot of you might have met Etjen (our friend and driver from "Just Like Your Mom" tour support) when we came over on one of the tours we did the last years. Either in his camouflage printed van, or his insanely equipped luxury van. Since he helped us out in the best possible way and since a lot of you might know him (through us) we felt necessary to report this. Last week his van got crashed and crushed by a truck in the UK, total loss. Since it was parked there weren't any people involved and there wasn't any equipment broken. But since driving us and other bands around is not only his life but also his living, we hope he can get back on the road as soon as possible with a new van. We wish him all the luck we can!

Last, we still have some dates to fill on our upcoming tour in southern France, Spain and/or Portugal. If you feel like helping us out, please do so! The dates are these:

March 7: available
March 8: available
March 9: available
March 10: available
March 11: available

If you think you can fill our voids, let us know. If you can help us out with a show anywhere else, even in Holland, let us know. We have a new release. We want to play.

That's it! Take care.