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Antillectual We're a punkrock trio from Nijmegen, the Netherlands: Willem, Riekus and Toon. We've toured and released albums worldwide since 2005. We like our punkrock political and melodic, combining the best of ’90’s skatepunk, ’00’s emo and ’10’s orgcore.

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27 January 2009 ~ Comments Off

Update January 2009

2008 was an incredibly busy year for us. We played well over 100 shows, released a new album and toured all over Europe and the USA. 2009 seems to be getting even crazier. We plan on recording a new record, doing lots of touring again and hopefully play at some nice festivals. And to start off we have some nice events to announce:

– Japan release "Testimony"
– France, Swiss and Italian tour in January/February
– German tour in February/March

Japan release "Testimony"
After being released by 7 seven labels throughout Europe and the USA we are now proud to present that Fast Life Records will release "Testimony" in Japan in March 2009. The album will be released as a CD and download and will feature some bonus tracks. Check out their myspace and website for additional info (www.myspace.com/nofastnolife and http://blog.livedoor.jp/fastliferecords if you understand Japanese …)

France, Swiss and Italian tour in January/February

Since our last tour through the UK was such a success and mainly since we are addicted to touring we are going on another tour. This time we are going to France, Switzerland and Italy. Know that you are very welcome at one of these shows:
Jan 28 NL Eindhoven Effenaar w/ No Use For A Name + Only Crime
Jan 29 Fr Laxou (Nancy) The Soap Box Club
Jan 30 Ita Torino Patchanka
Jan 31 Swi Davos Kirchgemeindehaus Tadel Los! WEF Action Day; Davos!
Feb 1 Ita Lodi Happy Rock Hour
Feb 2 Ita Bologna Lazzaretto
Feb 3 Ita Brescia Lio Bar
Feb 4 Swi Geneva Tiki's Pub
Feb 6 Fr Valenciennes Les 4 Dames
Feb 7 NL Raalte Pedro Pico Pop w/ Mala Vita, The Freaks, Kudra Mata, Midnight Menace, 3 more

German tour in February/March
And because we really cannot sit still we also planned a tour a month later through Germany. As you can see we are still looking for a show on Sunday March 1st. All help would be appreciated!
Feb 27 Ger Muelheim AZ Muelheim
Feb 28 Ger Bausendorf/Wittlich Riez Rockbar
Mar 2 Ger Wuerzburg Immerhin w/ the codeheart syndrome
Mar 3 Ger Nuernberg Kunstverein
Mar 4 Ger Regensburg Alte Malzerei w/ Deny Everything, Cutting Class
Mar 5 Ger Berlin Ballast der Republik (TBC)
Mar 6 Ger Bergkamen JZ Yellowstone
Mar 7 Ger Sulze Kaffeegarten

Other shows and tours
Furthermore we will be doing some weekend trips and single shows. If you want us to play somewhere, let us know!
Mar 19 Bel Antwerpen De Koevoet
Mar 20 NL Middelburg TBC
Mar 21 NL Arnhem Cafe The Stage Shield Showcase. w/ Smash the Statues, Atlas Losing Grip, On Fire, Said and Done, The Hunger, Milkman, Gascoigne

Mar 28 Ger Trier Exhaus
Eastern European tour May 23-31, a lot of dates available, please get in touch.
May 27 CZ Prague Klub V Jeleni
May 30 Ger Chemnitz ajz-chemnitz lets fight white pride-festival w/ seein red, the now denial, trainwreck and more…

23 January 2009 ~ Comments Off

About the show-section…

Hi there! We're about to go on tour, it's less than a week away. We're excited! Somehow the show-section isn't working (don't look at me, I'm a technofoob!). But if you want to know where we're playing, please check our myspace, that's always updated. Hope to see you soon! Love. Rage. Always. Yvo

UPDATE: stuff should be working again. If you ever find the shows page to be empty, drop riekus a line at riekus at antillectual dot com. 

17 January 2009 ~ Comments Off

Japanese release Testimony

Hell yes! After a release in Europe through six labels, a USA release through Jump Start Records we are now proud and anxious to announce a Japanese release of Testimony through Fast Life Records! The record will be out in March and will contain some special bonus material. Check their myspace for information on Fast Life Records and the release (their blog if you understand any Japanese … but doesn't it look awesome?). We can't wait to get a copy of these.

If you happen to be from Brasil or understand Portugese, check out this item on MTV Brasil (scroll down a bit). And if anyone could tell us what they are saying we'd be pleased to know!

Since we want to get rid of some stock of old samplers you now get one for free with any merch order over 5 euro. So if you had doubts, this might make up your mind? Or maybe even more reason not to do it?

Since we try to penetrate all social networks around, Riekus created a Twitter account to which you can subscribe yourself if you want. And why not. We also started a Facebook account. But haven't done much to it yet. Again, feel free to drop by, subscribe, and perhaps even give us any tips on how to get that thing proper looking. Since it doesn't right now.

And last but not least is an interview in the UK fanzine Last hours with Yvo and Riekus. A video interview! Thanks to our friend Tom! Please check out Last Hours for sure, one of the best European zines around. For now.

11 January 2009 ~ Comments Off

The WEF is waiting…

My dearest diary, I just read that the US military (the US Navy's Military Sealift Command to be precise) is sending 989 containers of ammunition to Israël. I guess that's not for shooting clay pigeons… ugh… On a happier note: we're going on tour in a few weeks. And we're playing in Davos on a day of protests against the World Economic Forum (WEF). I hope those CEO's like a bit of 'heavy guitar music'. Actually, I hope they frickin' hate it… Anyway, check out the dates, come out and party hardy fardy with us. Our good friend Etjen from Just Like Your Mom Toursupport will be with us on this one, so you really have no excuse not to come. That's it for now. Tjuus! Forever yours, Yvo

10 January 2009 ~ Comments Off

Interview with lasthours.org.uk